Psychotherapy for English speakers

Hi! nice to ,meet you,

My name is Yoel I'm a Psychologist  at the center for eating disorders at Haim Sheba Medical center at Tel Hashomer. I also have had worked in the past with Adolescents in various public and private centers along with experience treating adult patients at the outpatient clinic at Lev Hasharon (Pardesia) hospital. 

I am a native English and Hebrew speaker and offer Psychotherapy in English for non Hebrew speaking clients in search of an English fluent therapist. I Find that therapy can be tricky enough, without having to scramble for words and translations that can hinder clarity and understanding.

I myself concentrate on mostly Psycho-dynamic psychotherapy but am also proficient in C.B.T (cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and other second and third wave Technics, and incorporate them when in accordance with my clients needs and wants.

I am closely familiar with the struggles of immigration and Alya and know the complexities of integration and acclimation to a new place. Cultural and language barriers can be frustrating, especially when seeking help.

In an introductory session, well discuss your background and highlight your goals for therapy.

I Also offer Online psychotherapy via Skype, Zoom and other accepted platforms.

I invite you to contact me for any questions you might have.


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